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At Long Last...

Well, well. Here we are. Just you and me, no one else. I have been intending to secure a blog site for a few years now and the music has facilitated that finally. Not having a website has not stopped me from writing these "blogs", I call em stories. So fair-warning, I'll be trying to upload a back catalog of writing along with current events and ideas. Some dated and uninteresting I'm sure, but all as important as the next piece. Even though this is a music centered page and music does take up a large portion of my thoughts, there are no rules in this Thunderdome.

Ever wandered into the wrong classroom? Or accidentally tried to open a strangers car door that you thought was yours in the WalMart parking lot? Hopefully reading this will be a lot like that. Inviting, yet unsettling. But not so much that you don't hang around for a few seconds and observe.

I am beyond excited for where music and life has lead me to this point. In no shape or form did I do anything to deserve being put in positions of opportunity over and over and over again. But as I stand at yet another door hanging onto it's last hinge, being held shut only by the winds of change and determination, I will not turn and walk away from this one. Oh yes, there will be splinters.