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From West Texas to River Road...

Oh man.. Hello,

It's been a busy few weeks and I haven't really had a chance to sit down and fill ya'll in on what's been going on. I've been reading every music promotion/business blog or article I come across, really trying to get a deeper understanding of what the consumers (YOU!) want out of an artist. The thing that comes up time and time again is that people want to know the WHY not exclusively the WHAT. Interesting, I've always assumed that was what people didn't care about.. So you'll get a little bit of this and a little bit of that now and again as I experiment with different things and see what works best. But for now I'll lean on what I know best. Story-telling.

For the sake of brevity I'll start from Billy's on Wednesday of last week, August 8th. The turnout was exceptional again. A mix of friends and co-workers and new faces and familiar as well. The vibe that's going on there is giving me the energy and confidence to solider on into the weekend. Which I needed for this one...

After a full band show in Big Spring the week before that found us picking up and dropping off a drummer we've never met in the middle of downtown San Antonio, pulling a rented U-Haul trailer behind my SUV and things going off without a hitch suffice it to say I was worn out already. But when Sam Watson calls and asks you to come play some shows with her, you go play the damn shows. So with the help, or more accurately, because of the help of my good friend Russell, I made it happen. He drove while I watched the deja-vu country side roll passed and flatten out the further North-West we went.

The two shows were song-swap style. Not always my favorite but paired up with the right person they can be great. Sam is one of those people. I was worried at first because of the reputation that precedes her. Incredible songwriter with a quick-witted mind that has no time or patience for "acts" or BS. Turns out, I passed the test and she did mine. Honesty and hard work go a long way with me. Check out her stuff. New single "Boom or Bust" has massive hit potential.

River Road

Saturday we returned to New Braunfels in a frenzy. Tracy, my girlfriend and biggest support system, and I went to the local Ice House on River Road with a group of friends I rarely get to see anymore. William Clark Green put on an incredible show as always. Watching him from humble beginnings in Lubbock has been inspirational and exciting. The night ended as uneventful as one could have hoped. Sleep in our bed provided the much needed recharge. The following Sunday unwind-ed as any Sunday Funday should. Brunch at McAdoo's, nap and shower, Pour Haus, then Lone Star Float House (never appreciated it not being spelled 'haus' till right now). One of the truly most magical locations in Texas. Words can not describe the beauty. Anyways, BlaineFest kick-off was in full swing when we arrived. Blaine and Darla are special people that I'm glad Tracy introduced into my life. The music and talent that was there last night was awe-inspiring. Bo Brumble, Garrett Mann, Jordan York, Eric and Amber Middleton, Austin Gilliam.. I'm probably leaving a few out but what-ever. It was a hell of a jam.

That's all for now. Thanks for listening and hope your journey is the best one.